Jurnee Smollett Bell
New York, NY

Career Highlights:

With her stunning beauty and talent in the TV, Film and Theatre worlds, Jurnee has taken her success from award-winning motion pictures such as the Golden Globe Nominated film, The Great Debaters and television shows, Parenthood to become one of Hollywood’s most celebrated talents. Whether it is her ongoing work in entertainment or championing causes like The Children’s Defense Fund or Artists for a New South Africa (ANSA), Jurnee is embracing life in the spotlight.

Why She Tried Proactiv+

I had a long struggle with acne, starting when I was 10, and it got worse as my career took off. There were a lot of close-ups showing every single flaw, every single blemish. I was playing a teenager, but in real life I was not only a young adult playing a teenager, but also a young adult suffering from adult acne.

What She Loves About Proactiv+

"Before Proactiv®, I wasn’t really able to depend on my skin. I wasn’t able to get up and go take my dog for a walk, attend a meeting or go to work without stressing about my acne. Now I’ve got an easy-to-follow, everyday routine to clear my blemishes and help prevent new breakouts."

What She Wants You To Know About Proactiv+

"Proactiv+ is not just a brand. It’s something that actually does change your life. The 3-step system is amazing and things have gone to a whole other level with my skin. I’m able to wear makeup, work long hours and come home and not worry that my skin is going to break out."

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